Twelve Months in North Carolina

Andy Woolgar

Twelve months ago, right at the end of April 2015 we began selling our wines here in North Carolina. Looking back I knew a few things; that we had great wines and that I had a huge area to cover! Well, some things never change and I still believe we have great wines, and I still have plenty of the state to introduce our wines to. But I believe I’ve made a dent!

There were also uncertainties, such as ‘how would North Carolina folks receive the rather unusual flavor of our Pinotage’ and ‘I wonder if great restaurants will be interested in adding us to their menu’..My questions were quickly answered. The Pinotage sold out very quickly and has grown to become a top 3 seller every month. Shortly after making introductions at iconic establishments such as Village Tavern and Chop House we now find ourselves high on their menus, with wines selling extremely well every week. Equally, Greensboro restaurants such as the 1618 group, Undercurrent, the new ‘W’ on Elm, TESSA and more have added us, and our growth continues in Charlotte with some new announcements adding to our existing client base there, coming shortly.

Retail-wise I am pleased to be partnered with many amazingly hard working stores such as Zeto Wines, WineStyles, Salisbury Wine Shop, Cork and Cow, Westgate Wine, Cravin’ Wine, Bond Street Wines and Arthur’s Wine Shop and the excellent Brewers Kettle chain which continues to grow from strength to strength.

As we expand our footprint here in North Carolina I am targeting further growth in Raleigh-Durham (just signed up with the amazing Southern Season stores in Chapel Hill and Raleigh), Asheville, Greenville and more clients on the coastal regions. I have just updated our client list which you can see under the ‘Purchase’ tab on the site.

I visited a new client a few days ago and he paid a nice compliment. He said that he saw us ‘bursting onto the scene a year ago’ and that he is ‘pleased to be doing business with us now’. That client is the very well known Grandover Resort and Sheraton Four Seasons and Koury Convention Center.

I guess further testament is that we are featured on the front cover of the well known Epicurean Magazine (Charlotte edition) for May and June issues. Here is a link to that story:

Also we are about to increase our presence in the city of High Point. More to be said about that soon. As for now its on with the hard work and spreading the word about our great wines! This coning week our winemaker Wynand Grobler will be present in NC, accompanying me on wine dinners and tastings across the state (see previous story for details) so we hope very much to see you there. And may I thank you all for your continued support.